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“I keep the highest standards for people I work with. After working together over a year, I can confidently say that the ExpertsQA team are nothing short of excellent from all aspects - they are professional, friendly and fair. They give us a complete QA solution at a convenient cost-structure and test thoroughly - giving us peace of mind. I already recommended them to all my tech friends - and recommend them to anybody else that wants to outsource their QA.”
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We agree with Linda!

Quality Assurance process should start-on early and save cost on later defects!

Bugs are expensive!

To illustrate: if a bug is found in the requirements-gathering phase, the cost could be $100. If the product owner doesn’t find that bug until the QA testing phase, then the cost could be $1,500. If it’s not found until production, the cost could be $10,000. And if the bug is never found, it could be secretly costing the company money and no one could be the wiser. A 2003 study commissioned by the Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology found that software bugs cost the US economy $59.5 billion annually.

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We are equipped with many phisical devices, ranging from iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and MacOS.

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